Start Guide

You can download the start guide in the link below. This document contains complete examples to start using BiMat, which complements the examples found in this website:


To install BiMat, copy the downloaded zip file to a directory of interest and unzip it. Next, you will need to add BiMat to the Matlab path either temporally or permanently:

Temporal path: Add the BiMat directory (and sub-directories) to the \matlab path. The user will need to type the next lines everytime he starts a new Matlab session:

%Replace next line with your appropiate path'
bimat_user_path = 'mypackages/bimat';

Permanent path: Alternatively, the user can add BiMat to the Matlab search path permanently. Instructions about how to do that can be found on: Matlab Search Path


Before start using BiMat the user can check how to configure the default values by consulting the configuration website page.

Matlab extensive documentation

BiMat comes extensively documented. For accessing this documentation, the user can use directly inside Matlab command prompt either help or doc functions following by the name of the class of method the user is interested as in the next examples:

doc Bipartite; %access class documentation
doc %accesing a class property documentation
doc StatisticalTest.DoCompleteAnalysis; %assesing a method documentation
%and so on...


The user can execute all the examples in this website and on the Start Guide by running the scripts on the examples directory of BiMat.